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            Dombrovskis: journeys into the wild

            Peter Dombrovskis (1945–96) was one of the world's foremost wilderness photographers. His powerful, reflective and deeply personal images of the unique Tasmanian wilderness had a lasting impact. Learn more here

            Swell by Katrin Koenning

            Katrin Koenning proposes a view of nature and wildness that is more psychological than intrepid. Her alluring and unsettling images give us a sense of Earth’s beauty and precariousness. Learn more here

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            Photography 500
            Help us raise $50,000 before 31 May 2019. Learn more and donate here

            Darkroom Dinner | Playing with light
            Experience Denis Smith's immersive light paintings while you chill to killer DJ sets as we auction stunning photographs, must-have delights and enchanting experiences. Learn more and book here

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